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Provide the greatest impact possible by giving where it is most needed.

What are the needs?

Syrian refugees living in Lebanon face many challenges, with 90% living in extreme poverty. They have difficulty getting services such as health care or education, and without legal status have limited opportunities. With Lebanon itself in an unprecedented economic crisis and severe inflation on food and other essentials, there is tremendous insecurity leaving them in a vulnerable state. Families face extreme winter conditions during the winter season, and lack security and dignity after years of displacement. Since 2018 many Syrians have begun returning to their homes, struggling to survive and meet their basic needs in a country decimated by conflict.

What can be done to help?

Prioritizing key repairs such as doors, windows, water systems, etc., we can provide a basic level of security, insulation, and water for families. Rebuilding homes helps relieve families of the emotional and financial burdens they face, such as paying rent they cannot afford. Families are then able to redirect their funds to other basic services and to meet other needs, such as obtaining medicines, education, and food. The increase in the number of returnee families gives them a sense of community, as well as social security, and improved prospects for economic recovery. Additionally, the project employs the participants in the rebuilding process as much as possible, increasing their ownership of the project, and helping to promote long-term sustainability. By providing this practical assistance in rebuilding war-torn homes in Syria, those living as refugees can return to start again.

How will your raised funds be used?

So far, this initiative has rehabilitated 15 homes to house 16 households, impacting a total of 53 individuals, in Syria. Each home has an average cost of $4000, with a new project goal of repairing another 15 homes within three months. Your support for this project will repair homes to provide safe shelter for those in need, building hope, and giving witness to the real-life Good News of Jesus.


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